The genus Elacatinus  is a monophyletic group of closely related gobies, commonly known as the neon gobies. They are distributed throughout the Caribbean as far south as northern Brasil. All possess a bright neon horizontal stripe and many are involved in cleaning behavior. This genus was recently revised by Hoese (in press) and is currently the subject of two DNA studies. One study is being conducted by Mike Taylor and is looking at the evolution, biogeography, and ecology of Elacatinus  and Tigrigobus. The other study, by James Van Tassell, Rafa Zardoya, and Lukas Ruba, involves a broader study of the entire Gobiosominni tribe concentrating on the phylogeny and biogeography of the group.

E. evalynae

E. figaro  

E. horsti


E. genie 

A complete list of Elacatinus  species can be found here.

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