Gobiid Fauna of Florida
updated 3-09-04
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Awaous banana   Valenciennes, 1837 river goby
Barbulifer ceuthoecus   (Jordan & Gilbert, 1884) bearded goby
Bathygobius curacao  (Metzelaar, 1919) notchtongue goby
Bathygobius soporator   (Valenciennes, 1837) frillfin goby
Bollmannia communis  Ginsburg, 1942 ragged goby
Bollmannia boqueronensis  Evermann & Marsh, 1902 white-eye goby
Chriolepis vespa   Hastings & Bortone, 1981 wasp goby
Coryphopterus alloides   Bohlke & Robins, 1960 barfin goby
Coryphopterus dicrus  Bohlke & Robins, 1960 colon goby
Coryphopterus eidolon    Bohlke & Robins, 1960 pallid goby
Coryphopterus glaucofraenum  Gill, 1863 bridled goby
Coryphopterus hyalinus  Bohlke & Robins, 1962 glass goby
Coryphopterus lipernes  Bohlke & Robins, 1962 peppermint goby
Coryphopterus personatus   (Jordan & Thompson, 1904) masked goby
Coryphopterus punctipectophorus  Springer, 1960 spotted goby
Coryphopterus thrix   Bohlke & Robins, 1960 bartail goby
Ctenogobius boleosoma  (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882) darter goby
Ctenogobius saepepallens  (Gilbert & Randall, 1968) dash goby
Ctenogobius shufeldti  (Jordan & Eigenmann, 1886) freshwater goby
Ctenogobius smaragdus  (Valenciennes, 1837) emerald goby
Ctenogobius stigmaticus  (Poey, 1860) marked goby
Ctenogobius stigmaturus  (Goode & Bean, 1882) spottail goby
Ctenogobius pseudofasciatus Gilbert & Randall, 1971 slashcheek goby
Elacatinus horsti   (Metzelaar, 1922) yellowline goby
Elacatinus oceanops  Jordan, 1904 neon goby
Elacatinus xanthiprora  (Bohlke & Robins, 1968) yellowprow goby
Elacatinus (Tigrigobius) macrodon  (Beebe & Tee-Van, 1928) tiger goby
Elacatinus (Tigrigobius) saucrus  (Robins, 1960) leopard goby
Evermannichthys spongicola  (Radcliffe, 1917) sponge goby
Evorthodus lyricus  (Girard, 1858) lyre goby
Gnatholepis thompsoni  Jordan, 1902 goldspot goby
Gobioides broussoneti  Lacepede, 1800 violet goby
Gobionellus oceanicus  (Pallas, 1770) highfin goby
Gobiosoma bosc   (Lacepede, 1800)

naked goby

Gobiosoma ginsburgi Hildebrand and Schroeder 1928  
Gobiosoma grosvenori   Robins, 1964 rockcut goby
Gobiosoma longipala  Ginsburg, 1933 twoscale goby
Gobiosoma robustum  Ginsburg, 1933 code goby
Gobulus myersi   Ginsburg, 1939 paleback goby
Guavina guavina (Cuv & Val)  
Lophogobius cyprinoides  (Pallas, 1770) crested goby
Lythrypnus nesiotes  Bohlke & Robins, 1960 island goby
Lythrypnus spilus  Böhlke & Robins, 1960

blue-gold goby

Lythrypnus phorellus  Böhlke & Robins, 1960  
Microgobius carri  Fowler, 1945 seminole goby
Microgobius gulosus  (Girard, 1858) clown goby
Microgobius microlepis  Longley & Hildebrand, 1940 banner goby
Microgobius thalassinus  (Jordan & Gilbert, 1883) green goby
Oxyuruchthys stigmalophius  (Mead & Bohlke, 1958) spotfin goby
Priolepis hipoliti  (Metzelaar, 1922) rusty goby
Ptereleotris calliurus  Bean, 1882 blue goby
Palatogobius paradoxus  Gilbert, 1971 mauve goby
Ptereleotris helenae  (Randall, 1967) hovering goby
Risor ruber   (Rosen, 1911) tusked goby
Varicus marilynae  Gilmore, 1979 orangebelly goby

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