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      High School student looking for science research project

      College student that wants to become involved in a research lab or field project

      Tropical fish enthusiast that wants to learn about breeding marine fishes

I'm involved in a long term study of gobies from the Americas, specifically the American Seven-spined gobiid fauna. These fishes are distributed along the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts to Argentina and along the Pacific coast from Baja California to Chile. The study is investigating the evolution, ecology, distribution, and biogeography of this group. There are many spin-off projects available dealing with the developmental biology, breeding behavior, DNA, morphology, distribution and ecology of the species.

We need help:

      Developing techniques for breeding the species in aquaria.

      Collecting species in the field.

      Studying the distribution and habitats of the species.

      Investigating the larval development.

     Photographing the fish in their natural habitats

Live on Long Island? You can get involved in the breeding and lab portion of the research being conducted at Hofstra University's Aquaculture facilities.

Looking for a different type of vacation? Join us collecting, photographing, and studying their ecology in the field.

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