International Goby Society

This society is currently inactive. Past issues are stilll available online.

Our Goals

The International Goby Society (IGS) was founded in 2001, and we are now a steadily growing organization with more than fifty members from all over the world. Most of our members (about two-thirds) are aquarium hobbyists, with the remaining one-third being professional ichthyologists who study gobies or amateur naturalists who enjoy gobies in their natural habitat. Our primary actions are the publication of the Journal of the International Goby Society (JIGS), designed to help fill a huge void of information on them in the hobbyist (and other not strictly technical) literature, and the establishment of our Breeder’s Award Program (BAP). This program is designed to promote the captive breeding of gobies and recognizes those aquarists who have succeeded in spawning and/or rearing gobies. If you are an aquarist, student or researcher, you can contact us for information or general queries on gobies, which are among the world’s most diverse and interesting groups of fishes.

Our Publication

We publish a 20-24 page black and white quarterly newsletter, the Journal of the International Goby Society (JIGS) which includes short articles on all aspects of gobies; including their captive keeping and breeding, their natural history, etc. Several sample back issues are online, or you can contact us to request a free issue through the post. We encourage our members to write articles for our publication. If you submit a full-length article, and we use it in our publication, you will receive credit towards a one year IGS membership.

Journal of the International Goby Society

For additional information contact:

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