Gobiidae.com was formed in 1999 to make information available to individuals and organizations interested in the systematics, ecology, biogeography, breeding, and economic importance of gobioid fishes.

The organization is composed of a few volunteers doing their best to get information up and on these pages for the benefit of all those interested in gobies.

I try to add information on a regular basis, as time allows. Areas with new information will have an "updated" posted until the next update.

You will find information on the systematics, distribution, breeding, history of various groups, continuely updated species lists for the gobiid fauna of the Americas, keys to species, taxonomic methods, and a new section on terms and definitions.

Much of this site is under development. We are currently expanding into other areas such as the Indo-Pacific and eastern Atlantic. If you would like to help updating or adding information to the website or join in a collecting trip contact me.

Please help by sending me comments and corrections.


James Van Tassell

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