Links to ichthyology resources, museums with searchable collections, and other resources

Search for new journal articles - uBio is an initiative within the science library community to join international efforts to create and utilize a comprehensive and collaborative catalog of known names of all living (and once-living) organisms.

Ichthyology Web Resources - This site compiles online ichthyology resources of scientific and educational value in an organised directory. Online content has links to diverse pages covering topics relevant to ichthyology. Its "Taxon pages" directory is especially extensive, containing links to pages on many groups of fish. Ichthyology community has links to ichthyology societies, conferences, a directory of ichthyologists, etc. Places has links to academic institutions, government branches, museums, etc.

FishBase - A global information system on fishes. Extensive and up to date information on species.

Smithsonian Museum - National Museum of Natural History - Search the fish collection for types, general collections, and images.

Museum of Comparative Zoology - Harvard University,Museum of Comparative Zoology -

University of Florida - Florida Museum of Natural History - Fish Division - Collection search

California Academy of Science - Ichthyology Department, Information of genera and species of fishes

AMNH - American Museum of Natural History, Dept. of Ichthyology - Online catalog search now available

Australian Museum - Searchable collections and links to other museums and resources

Neotropical Data base - The Inter-Institutional Database of Fish Biodiversity in the Neotropics (NEODAT) is an international cooperative effort to make available systematic and geographic data on neotropical freshwater fish specimens deposited in natural history collections in the New World and Europe. The Project is funded by National Science Foundation grants to the University of Michigan (UMMZ), the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and the University of Kansas (KU).

The Tree of Life - A multi-authored, distributed Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity

Fish Net - Links multiple databases

Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server - Information and links to many types of organisms. The main page or ichthyology resources.

East Coast of North America Strategic Assessment Project- overall species list data set.


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