- Information and links to animals of the world, including gobies. - website devoted to internet-speed scientific communication for coral reef fish biologists.

ReefNet - a Canadian company that produces scuba-related software and electronics. Their CD-ROM reference "Reef Series: Volume 2 - Fishes of the Caribbean and Adjacent Waters" is the most comprehensive field guide of its kind.

FishPix - a database of 35,000 photographs of fishes. The Fish Divisions of the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History, Odawara, and the National Science Museum, Tokyo, joined forces in 1998 to build this database. FishPix consists primarily of photographs of Japanese fishes but also includes those taken in the tropical western Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and other parts of the world. Over 5000 goby pics!

Fishfiles - a database of Australian fishes

FAO Publications on Fisheries Science - A link to all of the FAO publications

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