Bathygobius lineatus (Jenyns, 1842)

Photo by J. Van Tassell - Panama

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores -

Scales - midlateral scales 30-37; predorsal scales not reaching eyes, remainder of head usually scaleless (B. l. arundelii sometimes with scales on opercle)

Fins - Dorsal rays VI + I, 9; anal rays I, 8; pectoral rays 19-21, the uppermost 5 rays forming free filaments (ie. not connected with adjoining rays by a membrane) 1st to 4th rays branch only once; tail fin with 25-32 rays; pelvic disc eliptical, sometimes reaching to anus, its front membranes with small side lobes.

Head -

Papillae -

Color - Generally light brown with several diffuse brown saddles across back; a clearly defined midlateral longitudinal row of alternating dark brown and white blotches; lower portion of head dark brown with scattered white spots; 1st dorsal fin with a clear outer edge and dark inner stripes, innermost ones darkest at rear; last of three dark blotches behind eye is much larger than 1st.

Size: to about 12 cm.

Depth: 0-2 m.

Distribution - An island species found at Clipperton, the Galapagos Islands and Lobos de Afuera in northern Peru. Miller et al 2001 recognized a different subspecies at each of these three localities -B. lineatus arundelii, B. l. lineatus and B. l. lupinus, respectively.

Habitat - Inhabits rocky shores, common in tide pools.

Notes -