Ctenogobius pseudofasciatus  (Gilbert & Randall) 1971

photo by J. Van Tassell


Head Pores - Cephalic canals paired between the eyes from pore D anteriorly; Pores present A',B,C(2), D,F,H'; preopercle with pores _______

Scales -

Fins -

Head -

Papillae -

Color - Background color light tan, color patterns dark brown to black. Sides with five blotches at midline, the first blotch covered by the pectoral fin, the 2nd under the 1st 3 rays of D2, the 3rd under D2 ray 7-8, 4th behind end of D2, 5th at caudal-fin base. Back crossed by several diffuse bars confined to the area above the midline of the side. Side of head with a blotch of pigment extending from the lower posterior corner of the cheek anteriorly toward the anterior of the eye. Pectoral fin with 4-5 vertical bars; caudal fin with seven-8 vertical bars; pelvic fins dusky. Anal fin with small, black, discreate spots at the base of the membranes between the rays in males, absent in females. First dorsal with four horizontal dark stripes, the outermost wide and reaching to the edge of the fin. Second dorsal fin with three horizontal dark stripes. (Greenfield + 1997)

Distribution - Lower south east coast of Florida(Indian River Lagoon), Belize, Costa Rica, Trinidad, Panama to Belize, Greater and Lesser Antillies

Habitat - Rivers and estuaries.

Notes -