Ctenogobius thoropsis  (Pezold & Gilbert) 1987



Head Pores - Cephalic canals paired between the eyes from pore D anteriorly; Pores present A',B,C(2), D,F,H'; preopercle with pores M', N, O'

Scales - Scales in lateral series 31(30-34) most ctenoid; predorsal scales 4; no scales on cheek or opercle

Fins - D1 - VI no elements elongate; D2 - 12(12-13); pectoral - 18(17-19); anal - 13(13-14);

Head - Maxilla extending to rear margin of orbit; anterior nostril tubular, near or at edge of snout ; posterior nostril a large pit near anterior edge of orbit;

Papillae -

Color - A large patch of malanophores at upper angle of pectoral base extending slightly posterodorsally; traces of diagonal bar pattern in the holotype; specimens otherwise pallid (P&G 87)

Distribution - coast of Surinam and northern Brazil, and from the lower Rio Amazonas

Habitat -

Notes -