Gobionellus daguae  (Eigenmann, 1917)



Head Pores -

Scales - scales large with small ctenii, over most of body; 28-35 in lateral series

Fins - D1 - VI, 1-4 moderately elongate; 3rd reaching to 4th ray of D2; D2 - 13(12-14); pectoral - 18(17-19); anal - 13(13-14)

Head - Maxilla not reaching beyond anterior margin of pupil; tongue truncate; interorbital moderate

Papillae -

Color - Side of head rather evenly pigmented, with a vaguely contrasted hollow triangle formed over upper cheek by horizontal cheek bar from middle preopercle pore to midlateral upper jaw, snout streak from eye to midlateral jaw, and a diagonal strip running from the middle lower edge of the posterior end. Top of head somewhat mottled. Opercle and upper subopercle mottled. Upper pectoral base with a very dark large splotch. Midlateral region with diffuse blotches vertically elongate; four relatively wide, with narrow bar-like blotches between. Diffuse basicaudal spot. Dorsum mottled. First dorsal dusky; second dorsal dusky; anal dusk with light margin; pectoral membranes clear with tiny melanophores; pelvic fins clear in female, large males dusky…. (Pezold 84)

Distribution - Eastern Panama and Colombia

Habitat -

Notes -