Gobionellus liolepis  (Meek & Hildebrand) 1928
photo by D.R. Robertson - El Salvador specimen

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Cephalic head canal system with pores A',B,C, D(s), F,H,K,L' and opercle canal with pores M',N'O'

Scales - Scales in lateral series 74-83 in El Salvador spec.; 77(70-79) (Pezold 84); cheek, and opercle scaled, predorsal area completely scaled in some specimens;

Fins - D1 - VI, no elongate spines; D2 - 15; anal - 15; pectoral 19(18-20); pelvic fin not reaching anus.

Head - Teeth upper jaw: two rows of small teeth, outer slightly larger, in type the second row only has a few teeth at the anterior symphisis, the description says it has only one row; additional specimens from El Salvador, which are larger all have two complete rows (JVT); Teeth lower jaw: Three rows of small teeth, outer slightly larger; original description says two rows; holotype and paratypes all have three rows with the third (middle)row not always complete; new larger specimens from EL Salvador all have three complete rows (JVT); maxilla reaching to just short of posterior margin of orbit; tongue slightly bilobed or truncate; gill arches: six or seven thin elongate triangular gill rakers with flexible bases on upper anterior side of fleshy first arch, and seven or eight on anterior side of the first ceratobranchial parallel to the axis; fleshy portion of upper arch with several narrow ridges, with at least one thin triangular lobe behind the gill rakers; (Pezold-84)

Papillae -

Color - preserved color: A suborbital bar running down the cheek from the lower margin of the eye to the corner of the mouth, broader at the eye than at the jaw. Trunk with a large blotch anterodorsally. Faint vertical bars on dorsum. Midlateral row of numerous small dots. Pelvics and pectorals clear. Dorsals with bars. Caudal dusky or with vertical bars. Anal fin with some pigment, perhaps submarginal. (Pezold 84)

Distribution - East Pacific; Costa Rica to Ecuador

Habitat - collected in El Salvador at depths of ~30 meters from shrimp boat trawls

Notes - 4th neural spine with posterior enlargement, compressed at base; neural arches complete over caudal vert.; vert 10+16; AP 2; PTY 3-12210