Psilotris amblyrhynchus Smith & Baldwin, 1999

Drawing from Smith & Baldwin 1999

Papillae Drawing

IDENTIFICATION - D1 with VII spines, first elongate in adults; no scales present; no head pores or canals present; caudal fin with 3 oblique dark bars; snout very short and blunt, with a steep anterior profile; D2 with 11-12 elements.

Head Pores - No head pores or canals

Scales - No sacles on body or basicaudal scales

Fins - D1 - VII, 1st spine elongate in adults, reaching middle of D2; D2 11-12 elements; pectoral - 17-19; pelvic fins seperated, small anterior membrane present, I,5; anal fin - 9-11;

Head - Maxilla extending to posterior half of eye; no rostral freanum; head shape rounded, steep snout profile; nostrils tubular, anterior longer than posterior;

Papillae - Transverse pattern

Color - In Alcohol: Ground color pale yellowish brown, with dusky markings as follows: diffuse dark spot on cheek below eye; dark oblique streak from just behind opercle to dorsum directly above pectoral base and before dorsal origin; a diffuse on pectoral base; approximately 16 diffuse dark saddles, irregular and uneven in intensity, from nape to base of caudal fin; approximately 7 diffuse midlateral blotches on body between pectoral fin and base of caudal fin, with smaller blotches in between; descrete, small, dark spots on dorsal-fin spines and rays; 3 oblique dark bars on caudal fin, oriented anterodorsal to posteroventral (Smith-99)

Distribution - Belize

Habitat - Open sand patch in beds of turttle grass and spur and groove area in reef zone; depth 15-20 ft.

Notes -