Aruma histrio

Photo from Allen and Robertson 1994

updated 6 May 2002


Head Pores - Cephalic pores B',D(s),F,H';no posterior oculoscapular pores; preopercle pores M',N'

Scales - No scales

Fins - D1-7; D2-11-13 rarely 11; pectoral - 16-20 (18-19 common); anal - 10-13 generally 12; caudal - 15-17 segmented rays; pelvic - I,5 all rays branched, frenum present, disk rounded, extending to anus;

Head - Head depressed; cheeks noticable extending out from head when viewed from above; no rostral frenum; small wart-like barbel on snout near anterior nostril (JVT)

Papillae - A transverse papillae pattern with three rows before row 5s; row 5i/6i continuous and extending below the level of row d; rows 2 and 3 extend below row d; row b short not extending anterior of row 5s.

Color - Body light to dark brown with seven or eight light colored verticle bands, bands outlined in dark brown, a dark cresent band along the edge of the pectoral fin.

Distribution - Gulf of California from the mouth of the Colorado River to Guaymas in Sonora and from San Felipe to Los Frailes in Baja California.

Habitat - Found under rocks in tidepools and to depths of 14 meters.

Notes - There is considerable geographic variation in several meristic and morphometric characters, see Hosese, 1976.