Barbulifer antennatus

updated 28 March 2007

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photo by J. Van Tassell - Bahamas specimen


Head Pores - B', F, H' and preopercle pores M',N'

Scales - No scales present

Fins - D1 - VII; D2 - 10(10-11); pectoral 16-17(16-18), oval extending to near anus; anal - 9; caudal rounded

Head - Head with barbels about equal to eye diameter; a median pair between nostrils, one on upper lip anterior to eye, two under eye, and a median pair under lower lip, 14 along the lower edge of the head. Anterior and posterior nostrals tubular, anterior longer;

Teeth - upper jaw with a patch of very small teeth at the center, a row of enlarged canines outside and a few large canines on the inner margin; lower jaw with three rows at the anterior, reducing to a single row towards the sides, outer and inner rows are cainine.

Papillae - A transverse pattern with row 5i/6i at the anterior of row b; three rows anterior to row b; transverse rows under eye extending below the level of row d

Color - Black on a pale background, often the dark pigment is spread fairly uniformly, but sometimes the over-all appearance is blotchy. (B&C'93)

Distribution - Bahamas, Jamaica, Lesser Antilles, Venezuela (Smith 97)

Habitat - Shallow water rocky habitats in less than 10 feet of water, generally near the surf zone in less than 1 foot of water

Notes -

photo by J. Van Tassell - Bahamas specimen

photo by J. Van Tassell - Bahamas specimen