Barbulifer mexicanus
drawing from Hoese and Larson
updated 25 Aug 2002


Head Pores - B', F, H' and peropercle pores M',N'

Scales - No scales present

Fins - D1 - VII; D2 - 10(9-10); pectoral 18-19(18-20); anal 9(8-9); caudal 13(11-15)

Head - First gill slit typically completely open. 2 thick long barbels below eye (equal to eye dia) Other barbels slender. One below each anterior nostril, one behind corner of mouth, one on posterior end of lower lip, a short barbel at end of upper lip, a long median barbel at tip of snout. One short barbel on each side of chin at end of mandibular papillae rows, five to six long barbels on each side of underside of head in line parallel to central axis of head. (H&L 85)

Papillae - A transverse patterns with the vertical rows under the eye extending below the level of row d; three vertical rows anterior of row b

Color - Color in alcohol: Body with 4-5 transverse dark-margined brown bars across back and sides, interspaces usually wider than bars, on light background. Bars taper ventrally and do not reach midventral side of body. First body bar crosses predorsal area, extending down behind pectoral fin. A second bar under first dorsal, between third to fourth and fifth to sixth dorsal spines. Third bar at front of second dorsal, with first segmented ray approximately in center of bar. Fourth bar extends down from last three soft dorsal rays. Fifth bar (which has no dark posterior margin) begins at top of caudal peduncle anterior to caudal rays, and generally slopes backward, fading in color towards caudal fin. Bar shape and angle varies in individual fish, fourth bar sometimes oblique (sloping anteriorly). A brown bar crosses nape behind eyes to reach top of preoperculum. A narrow diagonal bar runs from lower rear edge of eye across preoperculum. A brown streak across top of pectoral base, following line of anteriormost body bar. All fins clear. (H&L 85)

Distribution - Los Frailes, Baja California, Gulf of Cal.; Isla Tres Marias; Punta Arena, Baja CA

Habitat -

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