Bathygobius curacao (Metzelaar, 1919)

photo by J. Van Tassell
FL Keys


Head Pores - B´,C(s), D(s), E, F, G, H´ K,´L´ & M´, N, O´

Scales - Scales in lateral series 33(31-34);


Fins - D2 - VI none elongate; pectoral 16-17(15-18);

Head - The tip of the tongue is more deeply notched in this species than in the other species, mouth is terminal, upper jaw extending to about the center of the eye. Teeth in upper jaw in a narrow band, outermost teeth enlarged; gill opening extends to the base of the pectoral fin;

Papillae - A longitudinal pattern

Color - Highly variable in color, pattern tends to consist of a series of small and larger blotches in a linear pattern, very similar in color to B. soporator; 2nd dorsal and anal fins generally have a tan stripe near the edge, at least in males.

Distribution - Bermuda, Florida, Bahamas, Antilles and Central American coast

Habitat - Sandy bottom with turtle grass, generally in mangrove-lined tidal streams and generally in sheltered waters.

Size 75 mm TL

Depth to 15 ft

Notes -