Bathygobius mystacium Ginsburg, 1947

photo by J. Van Tassell
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IDENTIFICATION - This species is distinguished by having a high number of pectoral fin rays with a low number of lateral scales;

Head Pores - B´,C(s), D(s), E, F, G, H´ K,´L´ & M´, N, O´

Scales - Body covered with scales; scales in lateral series 35(33-36)


Fins - D1 - VI no elongate rays; D2 – 9-10, pectoral 19-20(18-20); pelvic fins united forming a disk, anal – 8-9.

Head - tip of snout to end of maxillary 9 to 12 % of standard length;

Papillae - A longitudinal pattern

Color - Generally with white dots on the body, at least more than the other species; dark markings are generally brown and more spotted that the other species

Size - 70 mm TL

Depth - Depth 8 ft

Distribution - Bahamas, Greater Antilles and western Caribbean, Brazil

Habitat - Habitat shallow sand/rock habitats on the seaward sides of islands.

Notes -

Photo by R. Macieira - Brazil