Bathygobius soporator (Valenciennes, 1837)

photo by Spike Millevolte
Naples, Florida
updated 10/12/2005 by Annemarie Kramer

IDENTIFICATION - This species has more pectoral rays and attains a larger size than the other species, specimens over 100 mm will generally be soporator.

Head Pores - B´,C(s), D(s), E, F, G, H´ K,´L´ & M´, N, O´

Scales - Body with scales, 37-41 scales in lateral series

Fins - D1 - VI, pectoral with upper rays free from membrane 20 or 21 fin rays;

Head - Tip of tongue notched, not rounded; tip of snout to end of maxillary 12 to 16% of standard length

Papillae - A longitudinal papillae pattern

Color - Generally grayish brown in color and may be variously blotched to uniform in color; generally 5 broad dark bars along the dorsum, the first bar crosses the nape, the second is at the base of the first dorsal, bands 3 and 4 under the second dorsal fin and the last on the caudal peduncle.

Size to 150 mm TL

Depth to 10 ft (3 m)

Distribution - Bermuda, North Carolina to Florida, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, including Antilles. Also Brazil and east Atlantic

Habitat - Tidepools and shallows, usually in water to depths of 10'

Notes -

Photo by R. Macieira - Brazil

Photo by J. Van Tassell - Brazil