Bollmannia litura

drawing from Ginsburg 35


Head Pores -

Scales - Body completely scaled including predorsal area, pectoral fin base, and two scales at upper corner of cheek; scales weakly ctenoid on posterior trunk and caudal peduncle, cycloid elsewhere; 28 in LL

Fins - D1 - VII, spines 2-4 prolonged, 4th longest; D2 - 12; anal - 12; pectoral 20; ventral fin disk shaped with well developed frenum; caudal lanceolate

Head - Eyes large; maxilla extending to middle of eye; mouth oblique

Papillae - Similar to other species in the genus

Color - yellowish, upper third of body and side of head irregularly washed with blackish shades, lower third sparsely and uniformly pigmented with nearly evenly distributed minute chromatophores, underside of belly silvery; a median series of five diffuse, very faint blotches, the first under spinous dorsal, the last at base of caudal most distinct; first dorsal with a posterior black blotch having a rather diffuse boundary, anterior margin of fin with interrupted black streaks, entire fin diffusely shaded with blackish pigment faintly suggesting the following, namely, two lengthwise streaks at base, and distally in the form of elliptical peripheries having whitish, irregular shaded centers; second dorsal colored somewhat like the general color pattern as described for the first dorsal; caudal with lower half nearly uniformly dusky, upper half with the pigment concentrated in elliptical peripheries having variously shaded centers, more marked than on the dorsals, produced part of fin and posterior margin blackish; anal and ventral very dark, nearly black; pectoral dusky; upper lip dusky, but the pigment not markedly more intense than, more or less washed and daubed with a whitish color. (Ginsburg 35)

Distribution - type locality: Caroline station 59. Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

Habitat - dredged from 18-19 fathoms

Notes -