Chriolepis fisheri Herre 1942



Head Pores - absent

Scales - No scales present except for two basicaudal scales on each side, one dorsal and one ventral on caudal peduncle

Fins - D1 - VII; D2 - 11; anal 10; pelvic I,5 reaching almost to anus

Head - Interorbital narrow; maxilla extending to beneath pupil

Papillae -

Color - preserved: yellowish brown, with 6 rather narrow crossbars of dark reddish brown on the body, the first behind the pectoral base, the last on the caudal peduncle; a similar bar is on the operculum just before the gill opening, and another on the caudal base; a large spot of the same color is on the cheek. The crossbars extend upon the dorsal and anal fins. (Herre 42)

Distribution - Collected off Barbados

Habitat - 45 fathoms

Notes - All information from (Herre 42)