Chriolepis lepidota Findley 1975

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - No pores present

Scales - cycloid anteriorly becoming strongly ctenoid at posterior.; forming a wedge shape anteriorly ending under pectoral; dorsal extent to under 5-6th D1 spine; scales in lateral series 34-35; 4 modified basicaudal scales;

Fins - D1 - VII, spines 3 and 4 slightly longer but not notably; D2 - 11; pectoral - 20; anal - 10; caudal 17 segmented rays, fin short and rounded; pelvic - I,5 all rays branched, 4th slightly longer;

Head - Maxilla extending to under rear margin of pupil; tongue truncate; interorbital narrow, 1/3 or less eye diameter; teeth in upper jaw in both rows relatively large, sharp; mostly caniniform, slightly to distictly recurved; outer row enlarged; slender, recurved, well seperated; middle rows numerous and very small becoming less in number posteriorly; inner row of many small, closely set teeth, becoming widely spaced posteriorly.

Papillae - A transverse pattern with 3 vertical rows in fron of row b

Color - In ethyl: Background color of head and body browinish yellow. Head with a number of prominent black spots, especially laterally and ventrally. An elongate spot atmidposterior edge of eye; one behind eye at dorsal edge of cheek near end of low transverse dorsal crest; one at dorsal margin of preopercular-opercular junction; one at midanterior edge of operculum which begins a row of about 9 or 10 widely spaced spots lying in preopercular-opercular groove; 5-8 spots spaced widely over cheek; prominent spot on upper and lower angles of outer pectoral fin base; black bar below anterior edge of eye passing obliquely downward; snout, nostrils, upper jaw, and anterior portion of lower jaw densely peppered with minute melanophores; 2 wide transverse light brown bars across dorsal surface of head; 5 wide, vertical, light brown bands on body, becoming diffuse ventrally; D1 with 4-5 oblique rows of dark lines; dark horizontal bar on anal fin, near edge; pelvic fins dark. (Findley 83)

Distribution - Malpelo Island, Colombia far off the west coast of Costa Rica

Habitat - Type from 10 m, above the coral zone, cobble bottom with some calcareous sand and boulders, very sparse algal growth

Notes -