Chriolepis minutillus Gilbert 1892



Head Pores - No head pores

Scales - Scales present only on caudal peduncle in a triangle with apex at anterior, midline, enlarged ctenii on all scales; 4 in lateral series

Fins - D1 - VII, filaments elongate in males; D2 - 11 elements; Pectoral 15; anal - 10-11; pelvic I,5 - 5th ray unbranched and 3/4 the length of the 4th ray, 4th ray branched; pelvic seperate and elongate.

Head - Maxilla ending at anterior of eye; anterior and posterior nostrils short tubes; upper teeth in 4-5 rows outer row enlarged, inner row not enlarged, no large canines; lower jaw with 5 rows, outer and inner rows enlarged, large canines present

Papillae - A transverse pattern with three vertical rows before row b; row 5i at anterior of row b

Color - Brown to orange-brown, with blackish anal fin; base of pectoral fin dark brown; male with light spots on head

Distribution - Gulf of California, sw portion - San Lorenzo Channel, between Isla Ewspiritu Santo and the mainland of Baja California Sur, northward to the end of Isla Angel de la Guarda, collected once from Isla San Pedro Martir in the north-central Gulf - appears to be strongly insular (Findley 83)

Habitat - Inhabits sand-rubble bottoms

Notes -