Chriolepis sp nov h Findley In Prep



Head Pores - No head or preopercle pores

Scales - body about 1/2 scaled; extending forward to area between dorsal fins; most scales ctenoid; 17-25 scales in lateral series; 4-5 basicaudal scales with small ctenii


Fins - D1 - VII, no elongate rays; D2 - 11(10-11); pectoral 17-18(17-19); anal 10; pelvic not reaching to anus

Head - Maxilla reaching to below posterior margin of eye; anterior and posterior nostrils long narrow tubes, anterior nostril longer; gill arch with rakers short; 1-2+6-9=7-11 usually 1+8-9=9-10 on first arch

Papillae - A transverse pattern

Color - Preserved in ETOH: Background color of head and body light to dark brown. Body appearing drab or mottled or blotched due to 6-7 diffuse, irregular, oblique dark bands being interrupted at lateral midline, forming indistinct mottling above, and usually distinct, somewhat circular blotches with light centers below lateral midline. Base of caudal often with indistinct, narrow dark band. Rear portion of dorsal surface of head usually transversed by 2 diffuse dark bars, the anterior one above the opercula and narrower, the posterior, wider one across nape, bisected by pectoral fins. Head often appearing speckled. Usually an elongate dark spot on preoperclular margin, and a spot at dorsal outer base of pectoral fin. Pectoral fin dusky. Pelvic fin usually with diffuse dark spot proximally. Anal fin with wide dark longitudinal band, bordered by light distally. Dorsal fins with 2-5 thin oblique longitudinal bands. Membranes between caudal rays dark, darkest on lower 1/3 of fin. (Findely 83)

Distribution - Known only from the Gulf of California, from Isla San Jose north to Isla Angel de la Guarda on the western side of the Gulf and from a single locality (Isla San Pedro Nolasco) on the eastern side (Findley 83)

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