Chriolepis zebra Ginsburg 1938
photo by J. Van Tassell


Head Pores - No pores present

Scales - Scales on posterior trunk, extending forward to under end of D1; 21-26(18-29) in lateral series; scales ctenoid posteriorly becoming cycloid anteriorly; 2-4 modified basicaudal scales present.

Fins - D1 - VII, no spines elongated; D2 - 10(8-11); pectoral - 17-18(16-19); anal - 10(10-11); pelvic I,5 - 4th ray longer than 5th ray, fins seperate no frenum present

Head - Maxilla ending at anterior of eye; tongue slightly emarginate; gill rakers short 1-2+8-10=9-12 generally 10-11 on outer face of first arch

Papillae - A transverse pattern

Color - Body white with 6 brown vertical bars on body; brown bands present on head; caudal fin round with 3-4 brown crossbars.

Distribution - Endemic to the Gulf of California, Mexico, known from Cabo San Lucas north to Isla Angel de la Guarda on the Baja side and from the mainland rocky coast centered around (and north of) Guaymas, Sonora, and at Isla San Ignacio Farallon, Sinaloa (Findley 83)

Habitat - Shallow to moderately-deep sublittoral waters with sand and rock bottom.

Notes -