Pomatoschistus microps

Drawing by P. Miller

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Cephalic head canal with pores B',C(S),D(S),F,H' and K',L'; preopercle canal with pores M',N,O'

Scales - Predorsal area and breast naked; scales in lateral series 39-52

Fins - D1 - VI(V-VII); D2 - I+8-9(8-11); anal I+8-9(7-10); pectoral 17-19(15-20)

Head - Eyes large; maxilla extending to near anterior of pupil;

Papillae - A longitudinal pattern with row a under eye abd possessing a single transverse proliferation near posterior of eye; row b extendind forward to under posterior of eye; transverse rows under eye not extending above row b or below row d.

Color - Gray to fawn, with pale saddles across back and coarse, dark reticulations; adult males with up to 10 vertical dark bars across sides, proximal dark spot on rear of first dorsal fin, dark breast and underside of head (tinged orange); females lack dark chin blotch. (Miller, 1986)

Distribution - eastern Atlantic from Norway through Portugal to Morocco and the Canary Islands; northwest Mediterraneran.

Habitat - Shallow water and tidepool in sandy habitats

Notes -