Didogobius kochi

photo by J. Van Tassell
Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Cephalic lateral line system with pores B',C(S),D(S),E,F,G,H' and preopercle canal with pores M',N,O'

Scales - Scales are all cycloid with 37 (33-37) in the lateral series and 10-11 (10-12) in the transverse series.

Fins - D1 - VI; D2 - I+12; anal I+11; pectoral 19(18-19).

Head - Head is depressed; eyes are dorsolateral with interorbital space slightly smaller than eye diameter; anterior nostril is short, tubular and erect; posterior nostril also short tubular and erect.

Papillae - A transverse pattern with four vertical rows anterior to row b, verticla rows extend from orbit to row d; row d is continuous; a single row under row b which extends from row b to below the level of row d; row z long reaching to below the level of row b.

Color - Body with 5-6 light sadles across back ending at midline; below midline darkly speckled; pectoral and pelvic fins transparent; base of pectoral fin outlined in black with projection from midpoint extending to proximal junction with body; dorsal edges of dorsal and caudal fins yellowish in life, clear in preserved specimens, becoming darker brown ventrally; anal fin translucent at tip, becoming dark brown at the base.

Distribution - Canary Islands

Habitat - Found in small rock crevices on vertical rock walls to depths of 200 feet.

Notes -