Lebetus scorpioides

Drawing by P. Miller

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - No head canals or pores

Scales - Ctenoid scales 26-27(25-29) in lateral series

Fins - D1 - VI(VI-VII); D2 - I+9-10; anal - I+7-8; pectoral 18-20(17-21)

Head - Maxilla not reaching anterior of pupil; eyes large

Papillae - A longitudinal pattern with suborbital row a under eye; row b with 1-2 papillae; row c short; no transverse proliferations of row a or c.

Color - From Miller - Adult male: yellowish to dusky grey, with greyish lateral bars; first dorsal fin enlarged, dusky yellow, edged with white; second dorsal fin with obique yellow and white bands, edged intense black.

Distribution - eastern Atlantic: southwest Iceland, the Faroes and Hemnefjord, Norway to northern Bay of Biscay and Canary Islands

Habitat - off shore to depths of 375 meters; in the Canaries collected in shallow depressions in open sand with coralline algae deposits.

Notes -