Vanneaugobius canariensis Van Tassell, Miller & Brito 1988

top photo copyright by Peter Wirtz

bottom photo by James Van Tasell

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Cephalic lateral line system with pores B',C(S),D(S),E,F,G,H' and K',L'. Preopercle canal with pores M',N,O'

Scales - Scales in lateral series 27-28(25-28) and 7-10 in transverse series; breast with 7-8 scales along ventral midline; modified basicaudal scales with elongate ctenii present at upper and lower margins of caudal peduncle.

Fins - D1 - VI; D2 - I+10; anal - I+9; pectoral - 18(17-19)

Head - Maxilla extending to under middle of pupil; anterior nostril a short tube; posterior nostril with low raised rim.

Papillae - A transverse pattern with four vertical rows anterior of row b, rows short not generally extending to row d; row d in two sections; a single row (5i6i) under row b and in two sections; row b short.

Color - Body reddish brown, with coarse reticulations and several dark blotches along lateral midline, some with vertical elongations; pale saddles at origin and rear of D2 base, on caudal peduncle, and upper origin of caudal. Head dark, cheek and opercle with small peripheral pale spots, more evident on darker head of female; underside of head with dark bars down geniohyoid ridge and median part of branchiostegal membrane dark.

Distribution - Canary Islands and Maderia.

Habitat - Found under small to midsize rocks on sandy substrate to depths of about 150 feet.

Notes -