Vanneaugobius pruvoti (Fage, 1907)

photo by James Van Tassell

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Cephalic lateral line system with pores B",C(S),D(S),E,F,G,H. Preopercle canal with pores M',N,O'

Scales - Body with ctenoid scales 28-30 in lateral series; 8-10 in transverse series; breast scaled. Modified basicaudal scales with elongate ctenii located at upper and lower margins of caudal peduncle.

Fins - D1 - VI; D2 - I+11; anal - I+10; pectoral - 19(17-19).

Head - Maxilla extending to posterior of pupil; anterior nostril a tube; posterior nostril a short tube.

Papillae - A transverse pattern with five vertical rows in fron of the anterior of row b; row b short with rows 5i and 6i slightly anterior to row b, under and not connected to each other; row d continuous; row z represented by 3 papillae.

Color - Body of preserved specimens fawn, with coarse faint reticulation and four ill-defined darker blotches along lateral midline and similar mark more or less evident on caudal base; conspicuous black spot on posterior ventral area of D1; caudal with two white verticla bars in live specimens.

Distribution - Canary Islands

Habitat - An off shore species found at base of vertical rock cliffs and in small caves at base of ledges starting at depths of 50 meters. Known to depths of 270 meters.

Notes -