Clevelandia ios (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882)



Head Pores - Head canals with pores B',D,F'; no preopercle pores

Scales - Numerous small embedded scales on trunk, head and predorsal area naked


Fins - D1 - IV-V, no elongate rays; D2 - 15-17; wide gap between D1 and D2 about equal to D1 base; pectoral 19?; anal - 14-17 fin long;

Head - lower jaw extending well past eye; anterior nostril a short tube; posterior nostril a raised rim; interorbital narrow slightly less than pupil diameter.

Papillae - longitudinal pattern; row a with larger papillae extending under eye to anterior pupil; row on cheek - one solid row with a smaller row represented by 3-4 papillae under it; row d with small papillae

Color - Pale olive or tan to grey, speckled with black (melanophores absent from ventral areas) some individuals have white spots on side and head. Dorsal fin with dotted stripes(3 rows, melanophores on rays only). Males usually have a black stripe on the anal fin; stripe rarely present in females.

Distribution - Rivers Inlet in British Colombia to north central Baja California

Habitat - Common in estuaries, lagoons, and tidal sloughs with a sand and mud bottom, marine to fresh water.

Notes -