Coryphopterus alloides Bohlke & robins 1960

photo by J. Van Tassell
UF preserved specimen

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores - Cephailc canal system with pores B',C(s),D, E, F, G(on side branch), H' and K',L' Preopercle canal with pores M',N,O'

Scales - Ctenoid on body, base of pectoral fin and chest with cycloid scales; 25-26 in lateral series

Fins - D1 - VI, no spine elongate, spines 2 and 3 subequal; D2 - 10; anal - 9; pectoral - 16-17; caudal - 17; pelvic I,5 5th ray unbranched and shorter than 4th, fins almost completely seperate, frenum between spines absent

Head - Tongue rounded and narrow; teeth in upper jaw in about 5 rows, inner row sometimes enlarged, outer row enlarged; lower jaw teeth in about 5 rows, inner row sometimes enlarged, outer row enlarged especially at anterior

Papillae -

Color - Spinous dorsal fin with a dark stripe in basal half but not involving base. That portion of stripe between spines two and three black, forming a spot noticeable even against the dark background. Stripe set off above and below by clear areas, but distal third of (except for margin) dusky. Soft dirsal less marked, the melanophores concentrated in the interradial membranes, particularly in the basal half of the fin. Caudal and pectoral fins essentially clear, with some scattered melanophores. Anal fin dusky except for basal fourth.
Ventral fin dark except for marginal fringe. Remnant of interventral membrane dark. Entire underside of head (especially gill membranes), chest and pectoral-fin base covered with large melanophores and appearing very dark, fading gradually to the pale body on the anterior belly and sides. Remainder of head and nape generally dusky, with four bands crossing nape between dorsal fin and posterior edge of eyes, the bands poorly defined except where they cross the nuchal crest.
   Body with scattered melanophores and another seven darker spots on mid-dorsum under bases of dorsal fins. A dark basicaudal spot present.
   Females differ from the one male in being paler, with unmarked ventral fins, and with the dark spot between spines two and three the only striking feature of the dorsal fin pattern. This spot combines with a dark area in the base of the fin to form a vertical bar that is immediately apparent. (B&R60)

Distribution - S. Fla. and Bahamas, probably more wide ranging to the south

Habitat - Inhabits coral heads in clear water at depths of 40 feet +

Notes -