Coryphopterus lipernes
photo by J. Van Tassell
specimen from Cayman Islands

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Papillae Drawing

IDENTIFICATION - Rich yellow with blue snout and 2 dusky stripes behind eye. Anus centered in narrow dark ring. 10 elements each in second dorsal and anal fins. Second dorsal fin spine elongate. Pelvic fins separate, without frenum. TL to 1 1/4" (Smitty); Body almost transparent, with reddish blotches; snout pale blue. Two dusky stripes on head behind eye. Second spine in dorsal fin long, extending beyond rest of fin. 10 anal-fin rays. Usually 17(16-18) pectoral-fin rays. 2 pores between eyes. (Peterson FG)

Size -

Head Pores -

Scales -

Fins -

Head -

Papillae -

Color -

Distribution - Florida Keys, Bahamas and Caribbean including Antilles (Smitty); Fla. Keys to Cen. America (Peterson FG); Jamaica and Grand Cayman (JVT)

Habitat - Surface of live corals (Smitty); Coral heads in fairly deep water; usually solitary, but sometimes swims close to reef in small groups. (Peterson FG)

Notes -

Photo by Julie Mounts NMNH - Carrie Bow Cay

photo by Anniemarie Kramer from Curacao