Coryphopterus personatus

Photo by Julie Mounts NMNH
Carrie Bow Cay, Belize

Papillae Drawing

IDENTIFICATION - Pale orange-red with dark mask from snout through eye. Row of white spots along backbone shows through almost transparent flesh. Anus centered in black ring. 2 pores between eyes. Second dorsal fin spine elongate. 11 elements each in second dorsal and anal fins. Pelvic fins nearly separate, without frenum. (C.L. Smith)

Size - TL to 1 3/8"

Head Pores -

Scales -

Fins -

Head -

Papillae -

Color -

Distribution - Bermuda, Bahamas and Caribbean including Antilles (Smitty); Bermuda, Fla. And Bahamas to Lesser Antilles (Peterson FG)

Habitat - Hovers above bottom in caves and shaded areas in reefs (C.L. Smith)

Notes -