Elacatinus atronasum Bohlke & Robins 1968

Papillae Drawing


Head Pores -

Scales - no scales

Fins - D1 - VII, no elongate filaments; D2 - 12(11-12); pectoral 16(14-17); anal 11(10-12)

Head - Rostral frenum absent. Mouth U-shaped and subterminal, posterior end of maxilla under posterior border of eye

Papillae - a transverse pattern with short vertical rows and three vertical rows before row b, row 5i is located atthe anterior of row b

Color - The colored lateral stripe starts on the dorsal portion of the eye and extends to the basal portion of the caudal-fin rays. The stripe is yellow and narrower than the diameter of the pupil. The posterior portion of the stripe becomes somewhat greenish in the region of the pectoral fin, but yellow is the predominant color. The posterior portion of the colored stripe widens slightly in the region near the end of the hypuralplate and in about one half of the individuals examined there is a definate break in the colored stripe just anterior of this point. In individuals which have this break, the posterior portion of the stripe resembels a seperate elongate yellow spot. Such breaks are evident even in preserved specimens and have been seen on live specimens as small as 15mm. Both sexes may possess the break in the colored stripe.
The lateral dark stripe is well dveloped and wide, extending fom the ventral end of the pectoral-fin base to the lower portion of the caudal fin where it forms a distinct oval black spot centered slightly below the dorsal-ventral midline of the fin and peduncle. Its edges are very distinct and contrast sharply with the remaining clear portion of the caudal fin and the yellow lateral stripe. Dorsal to the colored stripe the body is dusky,not quite as dark as the lateral dark stripe.
The snout has a large oval yellow spot starting just anterior to the eyes and reaching nearly to the upper jaw. The most pointed portion of the oval is usually oriented anteriorly. The rest of the snout area is very dark. The anterior portion of te upper jaw is dark and the posterior portion of the upper jaw, lower jaw, chest and belly are pale. All fins, except the caudal fin, are clear. (Colin 73)

Distribution - Bahamas; southwestern Eleuthera Island, Little San Salvador, Highborn Cay (Exuma chain) and northwestern Long Island.

Habitat -

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