Elacatinus chancei Beebe & Hollister 1933



Head Pores -

Scales - No scales

Fins - D1 - VII, D2 - 11-12, pectoral 19(18-20), anal 10(9-12)

Head -

Papillae - A transverse pattern with three rows anterior to row b; row 5i/6i at anterior of row b

Color - short yellow stripe from eye to above pectoral fin, outlined above and below with dark

Distribution - Southern Bahamas, Caicos Islands, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Lesser Antilles, Aves Island (west of Guadeloupe), and some of the islands off the coast of Venezuela. In the southern Bahamas it is known from Hogsty Reef, Crooked Island, Acklins Island, Samana Cay, Plana Cays, Great Inagua, and Long Island. It is known no farther north or west than Long Island. In the south it has been recorded from Los Testigos and the Gulf of Cariaco (Cervigon, 1966) but is unknown from the nearby Netherlands Antilles. Its distribution is apparently exclusive of, but complementary to the distribution of G. horsti.

Habitat - A sponge dweller. The species normally sits just inside the osculum of a tubular or masive sponge, but occasionally individuals sit on the outside of the sponge near the osculum. See Tyler and Bohlke (1972) for species of sponges;Smith and Tyler (1972) for general habitats of chancei which they missidentified as G. horsti.

Notes -