Elacatinus louisae Bohlke & Robins 1968



Head Pores -

Scales - No scales

Fins - D1 - VII, no elements elongate; D2 - 12(11-13); pectoral 18(16-19); anal 11(10-12);

Head - Maxilla ending before posterior of pupil

Papillae - A transverse pattern with row 5i/6i at the anterior of row b; vertical rows under eye short and not extending below the level of row d

Color - A yellow snout marking and yellow lateral stripe overthe eye; lateral stripe posterior to the eye varie in color from yellw or yellowish green anteriorly to silvery or silver blue posteriorly; some snout markings are confluent with the lateral stripe. A single individual from Glovers Reef, British Honduras had a white snout spot and lateral stripe (Colin 73)

Distribution - Bahamas; Grand Cayman; Jamaica; Isla de Providencia; Glovers Reef, British Honduras and probably Haiti.

Habitat - Large tubular shaped sponges and massive sponges; 15 to 106 meters (Colin 73)

Notes -