Elacatinus tenox Bohlke & Robins 1968



Head Pores -

Scales - No scales

Fins - D2 - VII, D2 - 12, pectoral 19(17-20), anal 10(10-11)

Head - No rostral frenum. Upper teeth in 4-5 rows, outer enlarged and needle-like. Lower jaw with 6-7 rows of teeth, outer enlarged. Dentary fangs with two towards the anterior end of the patch on each side.

Papillae - A transverse pattern with three rows anterior to row b; row 5i/6i at anterior of row b, no row extending below row d

Color - In life the post-ocular stripe is yellow, not blue as had been suggested by B&R. The species also has a yellow medial bar on the snout starting at about the point of the least interorbital distance and running to nearly the upper jaw. This bar is often lost in preservation, but is visible in the material from Aves Island. The snout marking may or may not be visible in preserved specimens. (Colin 73)

Distribution - Dominica (B&R), Nevis, Aves Island (west of Guadeloupe), and the San Blas Islands, Panama (Palacio, 1972) from Colin 1973

Habitat - Inhabits sponges, Neofibrularia sp.

Notes -