Eleotrica cableae Ginsburg 1933



Head Pores - Head canals with pores B',D,F,H' ; preopercle without pores

Scales - Scales absent except for 2 small basicaudal scales, sometimes absent

Fins - D1 - VII, no elements elongate; D2 - 12; pectoral 17-18; pelvic almost completely seperate, only a low basal ridge;

Head - Maxilla extends to the posterior of the eye; anterior nostril narrow elongate tube; posterior nostril a wider elongate tube; both nostrila about the same length.

Papillae - A transverse pattern with three rows anterior to row b; no vertical rows extending below the level of row d; row 5i/6i anterior to row b, not attached to it.

Color - Brown to nearly white; head with small white spots; body with larger white spots and sometimes blotches or wavy vertical lines; males with midlateral row of double brown spots and oblique dark stripes on dorsal fins; a distinctive, short, dark brown bar on lower part of gill cover, just behind cheek. (Allen and Robertson, 1994)

Distribution - Galapagos

Habitat - Inhabits sand-rubble adjacent to rocky reefs

Notes -