Eleotris pisonis

photo by: J. Van Tassell


Head Pores - Absent

Scales - Generally cycloid except on sides of trunk where they are ctenoid; scales in lateral series 50-54(47-63); cheek, operculum, and predorsal scaled; 40(32-49) in predorsal series


Fins - D1 - VI, no spines elongate; D2 - I,8; pectoral - 17(15-19); anal - I,8; pelvic I, 5 fins seperate, no anterior frenum

Head - Interorbital broad, 3 times eye diameter; maxilla extending to middle or rear margin of eye; anterior nostril tubular overhanging upper lip; posterior nostril an open pit.

Papillae - A transverse pattern with vertical row 2, 3, and 4 extending below the level of row d; numerous short vertical rows between other vertical rows

Color - preserved: body tan to dark brown, often with a few scattered brown spots on upper flanks, not forming regular rows or thin stripes; dorsum occasionally lighter than flanks; abdomen and gular region lighter. Two streaks radiating across cheek posteriorly from eye, another along sulcus between nape and cheek and operculum, expanding into patch of dark brown pigment on nape along edge of operculum, more pronounced than pigment on upper pectoral-fin base. Spot or dark patch variably on upper pectoral-fin base, if present not highly defined and not as dark as pigment on side of nape; other pigment as observed in E. amblyopsis (Pezold & Cage 2002)

Distribution - Brazil to the Orinoco Delta of eastern Venezuela (P&C 2002)

Habitat - Adults in fresh water and estuaries; young along coast. (Peterson FG)

Notes -