Eleotris tubularis



Head Pores - Absent

Scales - Generally cycloid except along sides of trunk where they are ctenoid; scales in lateral series 50(48-53); predorsal scales 36(34-40); scales present on cheek and operculum


Fins - D1 - VI no spines elongate; D2 - I,8(I,8-I,9); pectoral - 16(14-16); anal - I,8; pelvic I,5 fins seperate no anterior frenum

Head - Head broad and flattened; interorbital broad, 3 times eye diameter; anterior nostril tubular overhanging upper lip; posterior nostril an open pit; maxilla extending to middle or rear margin of eye

Papillae - A transverse pattern with vertical rows 2 and 4 extending below the level of row d; numerous short verticla rows between normal vertical rows; no ot' row on opercle, opercle rows os and oi do not meet at posterior opercular margin

Color - preserved: Body olive brown with head region slightly darker; ventral surface lighter than dorsal surface. No dark spot on pectoral base; dorsal and anal fins with dusky bands parallel or diagonal to body axis; pectoral, pelvic, and caudal fins with dusky bars perpendicular to body axis (Pezold & Cage 2002)

Distribution - Coco Island, Pacific

Habitat -

Notes -