Enypnias aceras Ginsburg 1939
photo by J. Van Tassell - El Salvador specimen


Head Pores - Head canal with pores B',C(S),D(S),E,F,H' preopercle with pores M',N,O' all pores very large.

Scales - Scales in lateral series 41-46; basicaudal scales present

Fins - D1 - VII, no elements filamentous; D2 - 14; pectoral - 20; anal - 14

Head - Head with barbels, rostral barbels are very small or lacking, chin with well developed mental frenum forming 2 barbels, a barbel present by anterior nostril(about 1/2 pupil diameter); maxilla extending to under anterior of pupil;

Papillae - A transverse pattern with three rows anterior to row b, row 5i/6i under the middle of row b; row 2, 3 and 5i/6i extending below the level of row d

Color - Ginsburg: body with a cross-banded color pattern well or fairly marked; no well marked spot at base of pectoral

Distribution - El Salvador to Panama Canal

Habitat - shallow water coastal areas with mud or sand and a shell/ rock substrate

Notes -