Aboma Jordan and Starks 1895
photo by J. Van Tassell
male from Panama

First dorsal fin with VII spines, 2nd with 10-12 rays; anal 10-12 rays; pelvics fused in disc; head and body slender; head elongate, snout pointed; mouth small; no teeth on sides of roof of mouth; tongue round to blunt; head without barbels; anterior nostril tubular, posterior with raised rim; body completely scaled except for breast and the area on upper back before the 1st or 2nd dorsal fin spines; head scaleless; scales large, rough, 26-28 in lateral series.

A new world tropical genus with a single species found in the Pacific from Mazatlan, Mexico to Panama. Inhabits shallow coastal and esturine environments with a mud-sand bottom.

etheostoma Jordan and Starks 1895

Aboma Jordan and Starks 1895; Type species Aboma etheostoma Jordan and Starkes; Fishes of Sinaola, Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci 2d ser., 1895: 497.


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