Akko Birdsong & Robins 1995

Elongate gobies with very small eyes ; mouth large, almost vertical; teeth elongate and large, lower teeth overlapping the upper jaw when closed, upper jaw with one row of teeth, lower with two rows, the outer row enlarged; front nostril with a low raised rim, rear nostril only a simple slit; gill opening restricted to the sides of head; dorsal fins connected, pectoral fins short not reaching the end of the pelvic fin; scales small, rounded, not overlapping.

The genus contains three species two in the eastern Pacific and one in the southern Caribbean.

dionaea Birdsong & Robins 1995

rossi Van Tassell & Baldwin 2004

brevis (Gunther 1864)

Akko Birdsong and Robins 1995: 676, by original designation; holotype USNM 329524; type locality: Amapa Prov. East of Iiha de Maraca, Brazil.

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