Barbulifer Eigenmann and Eigenmann 1888(1889)

photo by J. Van Tassell

photo by J. Van Tassell


Body rounded; head robust; 3 or more pairs of barbels under chin, barbels on snout & under eye; front of tongue with 2 lobes; front nostril tubular, points forward, rear nostril tubular, points up; D1 - VII, D2 - 10-13; pelvics fused in disc; gill opening small; tail round; no scales.

A neotropical genus with 5 species (one undescribed).


Barbulifer Eigenmann and Eigenmann 1888(1889): 70 Type species: Barbulifer papillosus Eigenmenn and Eigenmann 1888(1889): 70 [= Gobiosoma ceuthoecum Jordan and Gilbert 1884] by original designation, see Böhlke & Robins 1968: 120 for additional information on problems associated with the type species.

ceuthoecus (Jordan and Gilbert 1884)

antennatus Böhlke and Robins 1968

mexicanus Hoese 1985

pantherinus (Pellegrin 1901)

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