Bathygobius Bleeker, 1878

updated 28 March 2007


Body robust; head broad, depressed; snout bluntly rounded; eyes large, close together; mouth moderate sized, relatively horizontal; jaw teeth in bands, without canines; dorsal fins separate, 1st with VI spines, 2nd 8-10 rays; anal 8-9 rays; pelvic fins fused into a disc; tail round; pectoral with upper 3-5 rays free, silky threads; tongue rounded to notched; scales large, rough, 31-43 on lateral line, present on midline of nape.

Color a drab grey to brown, variously mottled with spots and/or bars patterns.

Shallow water species generally not found deeper than 15 ft

About 30 species world wide in temperate and tropical waters. Six species in the Americas.

Bathygobius Bleeker, 1878. Quatrième mémoire sur la faune ichthyologique de la Nouvelle-Guinée.  Arch. Néerl. Sci. Nat., Haarlem 35-66; Type Gobius nebulopunctatus Valenciennes , 1837

B. andrei

B. curacao

B. lineatus

B. mystacium

B. ramosus

B. soporator

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