Chriolepis Gilbert, 1892

Small gobies with 1 st dorsal - VII; head without pores; front nostril larger than rear nostril; pelvic fins completely separate, with branched rays; papillae on most parts of head and nape; scales on rear 1/2-2/3 of body only; large rough scales on base of tail fin; scales under 1st dorsal either absent or small & smooth.

A neotropical genus with about 15 species; one of which is found only below 145 m.


Chriolepis Gilbert, 1892:557;Type species Chriolepis minutillus Gilbert 1892:558 by original designation.


atrimelum   tagus Ginsburg 1953
benthonis   vespa
cuneata Bussing 1990   zebra Ginsburg 1938
dialepta Bussing 1990   sp nov h
fisheri   sp nov s
imswe Greenfield 1981    
lepidotus Findley 1975    
minutillus Gilbert 1892    

Additional undescribed species are listed in Findley 1983, unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Univ. of Arizona, 193p.

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