All subgenera are combined here, except for Elacatinus and Tigrigobius which are listed as seperate genera. These genera and Gobiosoma are currently under revision by Van Tassell, Zardoya, and Ruber, investigating the phylogeny of the tribe Gobiosomini, and by Taylor who is investigating the phylogeny, bigoeography, and ecology of Elacatinus in detail.
Gobiosoma Girard: 169 (type species: Gobiosoma molestum Girard 1858 = Gobiosoma bosc Lacepède 1800, by subsequent designation by Bleeker, 1874: 310)

bosc (Lacepède, 1798)

sp.nov. b  

ginsburgi Hildebrand and Schroeder 1928  

sp. nov. h  

longipala Ginsburg 1933   

parri Ginsburg 1933  

grosvenori (Robins) 1964  

hemigymnum (Eigenmann and Eigenman) 1888(1889)

spilotum (Ginsburg) 1939a:62   

chiquita (Jenkins and Evermann) 1889  

hildebrandi (Ginsburg 1939a)   

homochroma (Ginsburg) 1939a   

nudum (Meek and Hildebrand) 1928

paradoxum (Gunther) 1861a  

robustum Ginsburg 1933a:15-16  

schultzi (Ginsburg) 1944  

spes (Ginsburg) 1939a  

yucatanum Dawson 1971

sp. nov. z  

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