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Information on gobioidea in the Americas - eastern Atlantic - parts of Indo-Pacific


Microphilypnus Myer, 1927


Description: A small eleotrid with head and snout more or less elongate; interorbital vey narrow; lower jaw projecting; scales large; D1 - VI, no spine elongate; D2 - I,7-8; anal I,7-8; pelvics I,5 fins seperate; dorsal fin pterygiophore 3-22110 or 3-21210 and possible 3-221100; vertebrae 11-13 + 15-17 = 27-28;

Color: pale ground color, with scattered melanophores over entire body, concentrated in a diffuse series midlaterally; dorsal, caudal and anal fins also stippled with melanophores at vertral midline

Size: to 40 mm SL

Habitat: Fresh water streams in still waters with sand and mud/silt substrate

Distribution: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Guyana

Reference: Thacker, C.E., Pezold, F. and Suttkus, R.D. 2006. Redescription of the dwaf neotropical Eleotrid genus Leptophilypnus (Teleostei: Gobioidei), including a new species and comments on Microphilypnus. Copeia 2006(3):489-499


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