Gobioides broussonnetti Lacepede, 1800



Head Pores - Head canals with pores A', B,D(s),F,H' and K',L'

Scales -


Fins - D1 - VI, no filamentous elements; D2 - 16; pectoral - 17-20; anal - 16

Head -

Papillae -

Color - Back, sides of head and body purplish-brown, variously interrupted with cream-white; sides of body with 25-30 anteriorly directed, dark, chevron-like markings, which become pale below the midside; ventral surface pale; anterior margin of lower jaw dusky; dorsal-fin rays dusky, membranes pale; caudal fin dusky; pectoral fins with three or four dusky vertical bars; pelvic and anal fins pale. (Greenfield + 1997)

Distribution - Georgia to Florida, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean coasts to Brazil and Greater Antilles

Habitat - Prefers muddy bays and estuaries; ranges inland almost to fresh water

Notes -